We are super excited to have Karla Noonan's first book Aurora Street now avalable for presale and autographed copies! 

Aurora Street

Victory Publications is excited for Jenae Noonan's first children's book. "Dream Chaser". Dream Chaser is about a little boy with big dreams. His mother knows how  important it is to work towards your dreams and helps her child learn to take steps in making his dreams come true. Dream Chaser shows parents how to encourage the imagination and encourages the young children to reach for the stars. 

Dream Chaser

Holiday Gift Set from Best Selling Author Elyse Cizek. Get both  Nudity and Watermelon signed for your poetry loving loved one!


Signed Holiday Gift Set


Fighter: Living Life Like A Champion




Victory Publications Featured Author Elyse Cizek. Pre-order her debut book of poetry "Nudity" Book goes on sale world wide June 24th on amazon.com

Victory Publication October's  Featured Author Elyse Cizek. Pre-order her  second book of poetry "Watermelon" Book goes on sale world wide October 14th. on Amazon.com

Pre Order Watermelon


From Death to Life

From Death to Life